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MetaBank/Meta Payments
"Bankcard Management Consulting and Jason Perkins have proven to be an excellent resource and trusted partner for MetaBank and Meta Payments. To be successful in the payment space you need someone who understands each payment networks interchange, billing, and long term strategy. Bankcard Management Consulting provides high level guidance in every aspect of the payment space and is committed to your success."

Jason Martin
VP of Business Development & Partner Service
MetaBank/Meta Payments

INOVA Federal Credit Union
"Bankcard Management Consulting has worked closely with INOVA Federal Credit Union on various Visa issues. Bankcard Management Consulting was very professional and their knowledge of Visa products and services was very useful in substantially saving us money.

Bankcard Management Consulting helped us add an additional PIN debit network to be in compliance with the Durbin amendment getting us preferred pricing and interchange. They also negotiated our current debit and credit card processing agreement with Visa Debit Processing Services creating significant savings. Bankcard Management Consulting also negotiated our franchise agreement with Visa and Interlink lowering our network expenses and increasing our marketing support.

Bankcard Management Consulting continues to assist the INOVA FCU staff with any questions they may have with Visa and our other networks by offering their advice and expertise. They are always on top of what is going on with Visa and they make sure that we are aware of what changes are occurring and how they may affect us.

Because of Bankcard Management Consulting professionalism, work ethic, and what they were able to accomplish for INOVA FCU, I highly recommend Bankcard Management Consulting."

Dallas Bergl
President and CEO
INOVA Federal Credit Union